Changing between the normal focus and the macro range is really fast - with the Auto Macro function ... more
A click with almost no delay – only about 0.01 second* between click and picture ... more
Additional FAST Features
Black: The case colour of the profis. The camera features a high-quality tin-nickel cladding ... more
Offers a clear overview on its 2-inch TFT color display. An ideal size for picture composition and subsequent picture viewing ... more
Additional ELEGANT Features
Impressive from near to far: The quality lense of Canon with four times optical zoom ... more
The EX-P700 is equipped with a high-performance, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for long-time photo fun ... more
Additional PROFESSIONAL Features
The new EX-Finder shows you a range of picture information, measurement values and settings. An ideal feature for intuitive work and easy handling ... more
Additional INTUITIVE Features
Simply connect your EX-P700 with a TV and watch your pictures or films in large size ... more
Without a computer or time-consuming effort, the EX-P700 can be directly connected to a printer ... more
Additional NETWORKED Features
For the EXILIM Pro, three Canon lens adaptors are at your disposal. (not available as CASIO accessory)

You can tune up your digital camera according to your individual preferences with a number of additional practical accessories ... more
Additional INDIVIDUALISTIC Features

* after focussing
Camera adviser
EXILIM Pro Accessory
EX-H30 Special