Up close: The quality lens allows 3x optical zooming. For high resolution pictures that are simply that much closer to the motif.

Better pictures with Zoom & Co. - in the Workshop
Decide for yourself: The EX-Z57 can store your pictures and movies on SD cards or MMC cards. You can decide spontaneously and flexibly which of these cards (optional extras) to use.
Always at your service: The EX-Z57 heeds your wishes even when it is in the Docking station. You can use the "Photo Stand" function to define what the camera display shows. Enjoy a slide show of all your pictures, your 'favourites' or a selected picture.
No computer needed: you can connect the EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z57 directly to various printers and have your pictures in your hand shortly afterwards printed on photo paper. USB Direct Print ist the standard EPSON printer. PictBridge connects your camera to different manufacturers' printers. Preset paper sizes help to select the right format.
You will find detailed information on Direct Printing now in the Special.
New perspectives: With Picture Reversal, you turn your pictures with a press of the button simply upside down, if you want to show it to others.
Think different: Pictures that have been taken vertically can manually be rotated 90 degrees and at the same time be saved in landscape format. Now you don't have to turn your camera, nor your head in order to view your pictures.
Camera adviser
EX-H30 Special