Striking: The CCD in the EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z57 delivers an impressive 5 million pixels of full colour brilliance and sharpness. This means you can make printouts on large format photo paper. High-resolution quality for a wide range of needs, from beginner to pro.

Info about resolution   
Reference photo:
2560 x 1920 Pixels
File size: 2070 KB
You can adjust the EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z57 flash to various situations. You can choose from four functions:

-Red eye reduction
Auto (flash is activated automatically if needed)
-On (always on)
-Off (always off)
Custom-made: With Re-Size/Trimming you can change the size of the picture already in the camera and sections of a picture can be saved as its own shot. In this way, you can for example cut out only the face of a person and have it printed as a photo without using a computer or complicated software.
CASIO has found a way of combining the important electronic components onto a single chip: the EXILIM Engine That is why the EX-Z57 is extremely fast, precise and offers such a high resolution - in a case small enough to go almost anywhere.

The inside life of an EXILIM
Extreme power: Empty batteries are a thing of the past. The EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z57 works with less energy due to new technology and also has a new, extremely powerful SUPER LIFE-Battery. With that much power, the camera is ready at the right moment and takes up to 400 pictures nonstop. (according to CIPA Standard)

10 years of CASIO digital cameras - experience their progress in the big anniversary special.
Spot on: You can choose between two different types of auto focus: "Spot" focuses classically on the centre of the picture. If there is a gap exactly at that spot, for example with two people standing next to each other, then "Multi" will help. This focus function searches over a range of seven points for the closest and focuses on it.
Colour control: The RGB-histogram displays the fractions of red, green and blue. So you have an overview of the colour components in your picture and can correct if required, by adjusting the diaphragm or using colour filters. The RGB-histogram is in addition to the black-and-white histogram, with which you can control the light/dark contrast of a motif.
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